Your data: How safe is safe?

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Did you know that in a typical day, the average data center gets attacked by hackers from all over the world? From every time zone, longitude and latitude, our data centers and as a result, the online destinations we visit to do our shopping and banking, checking emails and conducting business, all are under attack and at risk. Even more alarming is that the number of these attacks is in the millions. That means that the very websites and online portals we use to run our businesses and conduct business on the web are being targeted by hackers using IPs from India, Ukraine, China, the USA, Denmark, Indonesia, and Russia—to name a few.

Just like identity theft, it’s hard to imagine that these types of attacks can affect us directly but the reality is much different. Many of us, or people that we know or interact with, have been affected by these types of attacks in just the past few years. While a data breach like the most recent Equifax attack captures headlines nationally, costing the company upwards of $140 million dollars, it gets worse. Attacks like this one will go onto compromise the personal information of more than 145 million people but even then, some attacks hit closer to home. Have you ever gotten a panicked message from a Facebook friend telling you that the inappropriate emails coming from their email address, aren’t really from them? Or how about all those spam emails that bombard your inbox with logos and messages that look like they’re from reputable sources—but carry potentially dangerous links and viruses instead? For business, the cost of data breaches and the resulting data losses can be exponential.

These costs can often include:

  • A large and sudden turnover of customers
  • Costly increases in customer acquisition activities
  • Damage to corporate reputation that is costly and time-consuming to repair
  • Potentially long-term damage to your brand image and incalculable losses to your hard-earned service and product legacy

And then there’s the issue of time. Recovering from a major loss of data and rebuilding your digital infrastructure is time-consuming and many times, cost-prohibitive. Apart from the additional expenses your organization can incur, the resulting recovery and rebuilding efforts can create a lengthy diversion of time away from critical sales and revenue building activities. The net result? Your organization is no longer moving in a profitable direction and worse—you’ve embarked on a data recovery mission that takes your team members away from their core business activities.

The good news?

Data loss prevention and cloud-supported network security go hand-in-hand to keep your business ready-up for peak operating efficiency as well as long-term sales growth. From your company email to network file-sharing and your all-important website, CyberToolworks has you covered. Ask us about our locally-based and cloud-driven backup and security solutions. We’ll keep your business running safe and sound.

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