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Our History

Blue Robin was founded back in May 2003 as a web hosting company by Earl Gray IV.  Shortly after in June 2003, Hadi Shavarini joined Blue Robin. The only constant thing between 2003 and present day is the fact that Blue Robin remains and operates as a virtual company. With the evolution of the World Wide Web, Blue Robin’s clients’ needs have changed over time. Earl and Hadi have taken bold steps to keep up with the rapid technological changes in the Cyber Space and their clients demand for web-based applications. This required Blue Robin to constantly think out of the box and develop tools to better utilize the web as a business platform.  

Shortly after its inception, Blue Robin was (unintentionally) transformed to a complete web development company. Partly due to its customer focus, partly for its own virtual needs, Blue Robin had to develop web-based business tools in order to be able to operate virtually and, to help its clients to compete by better taking advantage of the web.  To-this-date, each and every business tool we identified as a need, and crated, has become a required and essential part of a typical business’ eInfrastructure.  


Development Timeline

  • 2004 .... Our first Content Management System (before Joomla, Drupla, and even WordPress)
  • 2005 .... Helped our site company (Arena One) to develop and launch one of the very first Vice over IP phone systems
  • 2005 .... Our first eMail Broadcast System (before ConstantContact)
  • 2006 .... Our first Client Relation Management (CRM, before SalesForce)
  • 2006 .... Developed the first web-based Destination & Event Planning Management (DMC) System
  • 2007 .... Partnered with one of the largest Book Publishing software companies to develop Lifecycle and Royalty Management System
  • 2008 .... Began developing EMS charting System using .NET and Panasonic ToughBook
  • 2009 .... Sold Book Publishing Lifecycle and Royalty Management System
  • 2009 .... Launched WebMedicPro, HIPAA-complaint, Secure, Mobile EMS Charting System (AmbuPad)
  • 2010 .... Apple introduced iPad, we began re-developing AmbuPad using HTML5
  • 2012 .... Delivered AmbuPad using iPad
  • 2014 .... WebMedicPro was acquired by Medusa Medical Technologies
  • 2017 .... Partnered with Zoho and started developing Business Automation System
  • 2018 .... Developed and launched our first Not-for-profit CRM using Zoho

Today, with over 100 clients nation-wide, Blue Robin has grown in depth and breadth. While still serving its clients with a solid hosting backbone infrastructure, Blue Robin has evolved to an idea incubator.  We have gained experience and a good understanding of the web and what small businesses and not-for-profit organizations need in an Internet-driven business environment to operate efficiently and compete effectively.   

Blue Robin’s growth can be attributed to many factors, namely the solidity of its hosting backbone architecture, its engineering talent delivering cost-effective solutions, and most importantly, its bond with each and every customer – something that can never be replaced.


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